Bake Sale Team/Planning Committee Members

Retired Head Baker

Delores Gunderson "The Boss"

Delores's Health has been in decline, we still look to her for any guidance, but Carol and Missy now do most of the work. But she will always forever be "The Boss". 

Morning Shift Manager

Dorothy Carver

Dorothy is Delores's Daughter, and while she has moved away from Our congregation, She still tries to come and help lead a Morning Shift for our bake sale. We appreciate all her help. 

Co-Head Baker/Afternoon Shift Manager/Sales

Missy Shields

Missy is the youngest, she has watched over the Ovens for years, and is the main leader on the Logistics side. She and Carol work as a team now preparing and  making all decisions related to the Bake Sale.

Head Baker/Evening Shift Manager

Carol Black

Carol is more experienced than Missy on the baking side, So she Oversees the getting Workers, and Does a lot of the Shopping, and Prep For Each sale. She also is our Primary Cleaning and Late Baking to make sure Our Kitchen runs smooth, and that we have Pies and Turnovers to sell the next day.  

Head of Sales

Dennis Shields

Dennis is the Money man, He with Missy run the sales and Marketing side of the Bake sale. He made and updates the Website, and Facebook Page, and finds and Incorporates technology to try and make things run smoother for the Bake Sale.  


Sue Willams

Sue has been a Long time Supporter of the Bake Sale, She is in Charge of finding Workers for the Wrapping/Packaging of all the Items we sell. She also has in voice on the Planning Committee.


Terry Allen

Many Years ago a Gentleman Named Bill Horner decided the Bake Sale was a Great Idea But we needed more Advertising. So he With the help of his wife Norma Flooded the Area With Signs.

Bill has passed on But Terry, Missy's Dad has taken over the Tradition, of Putting out, Updating and taking down signs in the old "Berma Shave" style. Always helping us snag customers and is one of the biggest draws to the Bake Sale. We could not be as successful without his support.

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